Are you able to masturbate an excessive amount of?

Wherever there may be content material extolling the advantages of masturbation, so too will you discover a entire onslaught of voices condemning it. The subject at all times comes together with conversations about frequency, specifically: Doing it an excessive amount of. “Whereas anxieties and unfavorable attitudes about sexuality will be discovered all through historical past, masturbation has notably been a conduct of concern,” says Sarah Melancon(opens in a brand new tab), Ph.D, a sociologist, scientific sexologist, and resident skilled at The Intercourse Toy Collective.

Libido is constructed out of our reward system — and so the extra constructive experiences you have got, the extra you need. Masturbation and orgasms beget wanting extra masturbation, intercourse, and orgasms. TL;DR: masturbation is unbelievable. Solo intercourse is a unbelievable (and free!) technique to de-stress, unwind, and enhance constructive neuro-transmitters(opens in a brand new tab). It may additionally assist enhance temper and vanity.

On the similar time, there may be nuance. Zachary Zane(opens in a brand new tab), writer of Boyslut: A Memoir and Manifesto(opens in a brand new tab) and intercourse skilled for Momentum Intimacy(opens in a brand new tab), factors out, you are able to do just about something an excessive amount of. “Masturbation solely turns into a difficulty if it’s negatively affecting different features of your life,” he says. For example, in case your masturbation habits have you ever skipping work, ditching intercourse along with your accomplice, or are inflicting ache or harm, then it might be value it to reevaluate your masturbation habits. “But when it’s NOT negatively effecting your life in any manner, then hold at it! Get pleasure from it,” Zane says.

In all likeliness, your wanking habits are in all probability fully regular and positive.

In all likeliness, your wanking habits are in all probability fully regular and positive. And so, for this wonderful month that’s Masturbation Could, we will probably be casting off the pervasive concept that should you’re getting off an excessive amount of, you’re doing one thing mistaken or shameful or would possibly break your dick/clit. Let’s shift the mindset.

The roots of ‘harmful masturbation’

Why are folks so obsessive about how usually you contact your junk? Melancon says that it’s fairly closely based mostly in faith. “Many religions condemn sexual exercise(opens in a brand new tab) exterior of heterosexual marriage, together with masturbation,” she says. “In Judeo-Christian religions, masturbation is taken into account a sin.” This harks again to the “spilling the seed” story of Onan within the Bible. Onan was having intercourse along with his brother’s spouse and as an alternative of climaxing inside her, he pulled out in order that she wouldn’t carry his off-spring. You recognize, a extremely cute and chill state of affairs. God clearly curses him for spilling his seed as a result of, properly, The Bible. Paradoxically, the story on which this idea relies really describes Onan pulling out fairly than masturbation. 

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Within the Victorian period(opens in a brand new tab), masturbation was thought to trigger psychological sickness. These pervasive views on the hazards and evils of masturbation could also be  extra coded in 2023, however the ghosts of the previous nonetheless appear to observe us.

Are you able to really masturbate TOO a lot?

Mainly, probably not. So long as you’re not rubbing your self uncooked or ditching work to pound it out 24-7, Silva Neves(opens in a brand new tab), an accredited psychosexual and relationship psychotherapist, says that getting your self off will not be a difficulty you might want to be apprehensive about. “There is no such thing as a proof to counsel that masturbation is unhealthy, and there’s no agreed definition on measuring what’s ‘an excessive amount of,’ as a result of everyone’s limits are subjective and particular person,” he says. 


Intercourse dependancy isn’t recognised by science. So, why are folks nonetheless being recognized?

What’s extra, there isn’t any proof that frequent masturbation is in any manner unhealthy or addictive. The concept that masturbating an excessive amount of can develop into an issue is closely steeped in disgrace and intercourse negativity. Neves tells us that utilizing phrases like “porn dependancy” or “intercourse dependancy” is very problematic — because it each will increase disgrace round intercourse and isn’t endorsed by both the ICD or the DSM-5 as an dependancy. 

Lengthy story quick: You’ll be able to’t masturbate an excessive amount of so long as you aren’t hiding away in your room, ignoring your pals, household, and obligations so as to get off consistently. It’s about cultivating wholesome habits.

How you’re feeling about masturbation informs how you’re feeling about your behaviors.

It’s not normally about whether or not you’re masturbating an excessive amount of, it’s about the way you FEEL in regards to the conduct. A latest research(opens in a brand new tab) discovered 4 groupings of people based mostly on masturbation frequency and sexual satisfaction. 

  1. Excessive masturbation frequency + Glad

  2. Low/no masturbation frequency + Glad 

  3. Excessive masturbation frequency + Dissatisfied

  4. Low/no masturbation frequency + Dissatisfied

For many who reported excessive masturbation frequency and dissatisfaction, Melancon says that this group in all probability consists of people that view masturbation as being both unhealthy or “lower than” partnered intercourse. “This could possible embrace people utilizing masturbation as a coping mechanism in addition to people who’re lonely and would fairly no less than a few of their masturbation was really partnered sexual exercise as an alternative,” she says. What’s extra, studies have proven(opens in a brand new tab) that individuals who have greater ranges of spiritual perception usually tend to view their masturbation habits as “addictive,” when the behaviors themselves are under no circumstances clinically compulsive.


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In case you can shift away from the concept that masturbation = lower than, gross, mistaken, or addictive and right into a mindset of masturbation = pleased, wholesome, and regular, you’re prone to see a large enchancment in the way you understand your habits. In any case, masturbation is a wholesome and OK type of sexual exercise. Sufficient with the disgrace.

Coping with loss of life grip.

Like all good issues in life, you would possibly run into issues. Demise Grip refers to masturbating in a repeated manner, with a really tight grip on the penis. It may additionally seek advice from clitorises which might be receiving the identical, intense type of stimulation (usually with a vibrator), resulting in briefly diminished effectiveness of different types of sexual exercise. The time period “Demise Grip” was initially coined by intercourse columnist Dan Savage in 2003. Savage was additionally the primary individual to coin the time period “pegging” (when a cis-man is anally penetrated by somebody carrying a strap-on or dildo).

Demise Grip will not be an official medical analysis — it’s a acknowledged phenomenon that has been seen in lots of scientific settings. However, the purpose ought to be coping with it with out pathologizing folks. Demise grip is definitely extremely treatable and extremely subjective. It’s solely an issue should you imagine it’s an issue and need to do one thing about it. There’s nothing mistaken with preferring and even needing one type of stimulation to obtain pleasure, if that’s what you need. 

In case you’re experiencing Demise Grip and really feel such as you’re shedding sensation, change up your masturbation habits. Kenneth Play, a world educator and the greatestselling writer of Past Glad: A Intercourse Hacker’s Information to Countless Orgasms, Thoughts-Blowing Connection, and Lasting Confidence(opens in a brand new tab), refers to “Behavior Loops That Rule Our Intercourse Lives.” He tells us that “The extra you masturbate in a specific manner, the extra deeply ingrained a specific pathway to orgasm turns into, and our sexual identification varieties round it. Our habits create a quick monitor to pleasure, and so they can put up roadblocks to different types of intercourse.” 

“After we masturbate in several methods for a few weeks, we begin to rewire our behavior loops, and we are able to study new methods of getting pleasure.”

It’s not that you simply’re damaging your penis/clit or inflicting everlasting desensitization, it’s simply that you simply’ve gotten used to masturbating in a sure manner — and so different types of intercourse don’t really feel as intense. “We are able to break our behavior loops by turning down the quantity on them for some time. We are able to put the vibrator away or calm down the loss of life grip on our penises,” Play says. “After we masturbate in several methods for a few weeks, we begin to rewire our behavior loops, and we are able to study new methods of getting pleasure.”

Melancon additionally suggests bringing in a mindfulness follow. “Mindfulness-style practices may also help one develop one’s sensory consciousness, so over time a lighter grip can develop into extra pleasurable,” she says. Staying related to our our bodies may also help to foster stronger connections between our genitals and our minds.

It’s not that you simply’re masturbating an excessive amount of, it would simply be that you simply’re masturbating in the identical manner a bit an excessive amount of. It would imply that you simply’re masturbating in a manner that isn’t tremendous related to your physique and doesn’t foster a ton of consciousness. Masturbation frequency doesn’t have to trigger issues if we domesticate a artistic and constructive mindset round it. Demise Grip isn’t everlasting and it merely means a change-up is likely to be so as. 

All in all, your masturbation habits are in all probability fully positive and we’d do higher to rejoice self-love, fairly than demonize it.