‘Barbie’s 25 most WTF — and hilarious — quotes

The Barbie script is genius. So genius in reality that for the previous week I’ve unapologetically been calling my dwelling “the mojo dojo casa home,” completely saying The Godfather as Issa Rae did within the movie, and quoting Ken’s (Ryan Gosling) distaste for the patriarchy’s exclusion of horses at any alternative I get. 

The Barbie film has left a pink handprint on all of our hearts. I personally cried, laughed, and screamed for the whole lot of its runtime. And whereas there’s rather a lot in regards to the film to fall in love with, from its Easter eggs all the best way to its lovely bench scene, there are a pair — okay, rather a lot — of one-liners from the movie I hope all of us quote eternally.

So with out additional ado, let’s hop into Barbie’s pink convertible, make a journey down reminiscence lane, and relish within the movie’s biggest, funniest, most underrated, and even most surprising strains. 

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1. “Yay area!” — Barbie

Everybody greets one another within the morning in BarbieLand, even the Astronaut Barbies all the best way up in area. The one proper reply to a bunch of Astronaut Barbies waving you a superb morning? “Yay area!” So succinctly put. So good. So humorous. I really like pleasure like Barbie (Margot Robbie) loves science.

2. “NooOOOOOOOOooooo!!!!!!” — Allan 

The great thing about this line is in its supply. Allan (Michael Cera) belts out this visceral, screeching, unapologetically empathetic “NoooooOOOOOOO!!” when Ken (Ryan Gosling) has an enormous seaside accident — in any case, he is Ken’s buddy. And whereas it’s no secret that Allan is Barbie‘s biggest character, this one “NOOOOO” kickstarted our absolute adoration for him. 


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3. “And what a superb job you do at seaside.” — Barbie

Whereas Physician Barbies deal with Ken after his surf accident, he goes on a passionate tangent explaining that his job’s actually exhausting. Ken’s not a lifeguard. He’s not a surfer. His job is simply seaside and it’s SO exhausting. However Barbie (Hari Nef) reminds him, oh so empathetically, that he does an amazing job at seaside. 10/10 line supply but once more for essentially the most absurd line ever. Seaside is now totally an actual job. 

4. “I don’t need you right here.” — Barbie.  

Barbie says this to Ken proper earlier than ladies’ night time, and she or he’s so proper for it. I want I may bear such brutal honesty in my very own life. 

5. “Hurry up, Barbie, the president’s right here!” — Physician Barbie

“I’m. You’re welcome!” — President Barbie

Whereas Barbie tries to do away with Ken, the opposite Barbies at ladies’ night time remind her that they’ve some critical slumber partying to get to. The president’s even right here! And she or he is aware of they need to all be honored! President Barbie (Issa Rae) 4ever. 

A group of women on a pink beach stare at a foot in shock.

Credit score: Warner Bros.

6. “Cease it, Ken.” — Barbie

Kens aren’t allowed to retch at Barbie getting flat ft, solely Barbies are allowed to do this. This throwaway line from Barbie (Sharon Rooney) is perhaps fast, however its message is irrevocably the center of the movie. Cease it Ken (Kingsley Ben-Adir), severely. 

7. “Fantastic, get cellulite. I don’t care.” — Bizarre Barbie

Of Bizarre Barbie’s (Kate McKinnon) many iconic strains within the movie, this particular one broke me. Whereas Barbie’s reluctant to go to the actual world, Bizarre Barbie reminds her of what’s at stake — cellulite. I simply…yeah. A ten/10 WTF second. A ten/10 tongue-in-cheek second. It’s unimaginable simply how a lot this film made enjoyable of itself. 

8. “I’d prefer to see what sort of nude blob he’s packing beneath his denims.” — Bizarre Barbie

In the event you get it, you get it. In the event you don’t, you don’t.


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9. “Don’t blame me. Blame Mattel; they make the foundations.” — Bizarre Barbie 

One other Bizarre Barbie gem that I can’t imagine really made it into the movie. I really feel like its layers converse for themselves. 

10. “What if there’s seaside?!” — Ken 

When Ken turns stowaway on Barbie’s journey to the Actual World, he argues to remain by questioning, “What if there’s seaside?”

Legitimate. What if there is seaside?! How may Barbie ever seaside by herself? Barbies could also be astronauts, Nobel Prize winners, physicists, and president, however seaside is firmly Ken turf. Thanks Ken to your very essential issues

A woman with chopped up hair, wearing a pink dress, holds up a high heel and a slipper.

Credit score: Warner Bros.

11. “I’ve all of the genitals.” — Ken 

Neglect the nude blob, Ken has genitals BTW. When a crew of development employees rudely hit on Barbie in the actual world, she, in good grace, reminds them that she and Ken don’t have any genitals. However Ken’s having none of it. In actual fact, he claims he has all of the genitals. Each single one.

I’m eternally indebted to Greta Gerwig for penning this script. 

12. “We promote desires, creativeness, and sparkle. And once you consider sparkle, what do you consider subsequent? Feminine company.” — Mattel CEO (Will Ferrell) 

He’s proper.  

13. “You fascist.” — Sasha

My jaw fell when Sasha (Ariana Greenblatt) dropped this banger. We are able to all name Barbie many issues, however a fascist? Completely absurd — however brilliantly hilarious nonetheless. 

14. “She thinks I’m a fascist? I don’t management the railways or the move of commerce!” — Barbie 

I don’t understand how Margot Robbie mentioned this line whereas crying and retaining a straight face. It’s, no doubt, essentially the most underrated second in your entire movie. She doesn’t management the railways guys!!! OR the move of commerce!!!! 

A woman in a pink cowboy suit poses in a high school cafteria.

Credit score: Warner Bros.

15. “Why didn’t Barbie inform me about patriarchy?” — Ken 

I really like Ken. Like I simply actually love Ken. I too surprise why she didn’t, bud. I’m serious about it each night time. 


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16. “I’m a person with no energy, does that make me a lady?” — Aaron Dinkins

Bless you, Aaron (Connor Swindells). It doesn’t, however thanks a lot for getting that time throughout. 

17. “Horses are simply males extenders.” — Ken 

One other Ken quote filled with good, smart, outstanding Kenergy. It’s genius. Horses are, in reality, males extenders. For additional proof, see Oppenheimer.

18. “These are archival!” — Gloria

As Ken throws out Barbie’s garments to make room for his mojo dojo casa home, Gloria (America Ferrera)  reminds him that the gorgeous outfits he’s throwing out aren’t to be handled like trash. Barbie’s sparkly ice skating gown? How DARE he?! They’re ARCHIVAL, Ken. 

19. “She’s going to observe the BBC Pleasure and Prejudice for the seventh time.” — Depressed Barbie advert 

I hate to say this once more, however the those who get it, get it. They get it oh so deeply.

Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy, you might be at all times there after we want you.

20. “Oh you are Allan. That’s nice!” — Gloria 

There’s simply one thing about Gloria acknowledging Allan and giving him the popularity that he deserves that tickled my coronary heart. It might or could not additionally should do with the truth that Ferrera delivered this line in the identical vein of a mother or father complimenting their child’s macaroni artwork, however I digress. Allan, you are nice!! 

A man wearing a white, faux mink jacket and black sunglasses.

Credit score: Warner Bros.

21. “All of NSYNC? Allans!” — Allan 

NSYNC’s music video for “It’s Gonna Be Me” walked so Barbie may run.

The boy band presents themselves as dolls that dance — whereas being underappreciated. After all, they’re Allans.

22. “It’s like I’ve been in a dream the place I used to be actually invested within the Zack Snyder reduce of Justice League.” — Barbie (Alexandra Shipp) 

I scoffed. I screamed. I couldn’t imagine Warner Bros. really green-lit their very own roast. Snyder bros in all places, this one’s for you. 

23. “That’s as a result of they’re dream homes, motherfucker.” — President Barbie  

The Mattel emblem may solely bleep out a lot. 


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24. “I’m a liberated man. I do know crying’s not weak.” — Ken 

As soon as once more, Ken’s lifetime of blonde fragility is a lesson all males can be taught from. Take notes, gents. Go to a therapist. Cry. Don’t let your self really feel hemmed in by suffocating gender norms. Please let yourselves cry. 

25. “To be trustworthy, after I came upon the patriarchy wasn’t about horses, I misplaced curiosity anyhow.” — Ken

Ken, you might be so proper and actual for that. I hope others will comply with swimsuit quickly. 

Tips on how to watch: The Barbie film is now taking part in in theaters.